Nothing Island

October 28-29, 2023 at Flux Factory on Governors Island, 404A Colonels Row, 12noon-5pm

An exhibition by Pratt Institute Art + Technology Studio III, on different states in the cycle of regrowth, including growth, derivation, nullity, decomposition, and decay. The projects employ software, projections, game engines, and electronics in the creation and display of hybrid sculptures and screen-based artworks. They respond to the environment, conditions, and history of Governors Island.

Sophie Brenner

Starting point Bridge to Governors Island... But taking steps to the new climate change weather... you might step in something!

Lila Cicurel

Derivation A virtual film festival that takes place in the magical land of grass eaters. It's a collaboration of short films. You can navigate the world and watch the films.

Soph Katsivelos

Decay Castle Williams has a long history of decay over the years, with groups trying to restore it before it falls apart again. How much time are we going to spend trying to save it before it ends up underwater?

Wantong Lyu

Growth This is a work about finding a balance between human sociality and nature. This work mainly uses hologram technology and sets of miniature furniture. The hologram and the decorations of small furniture show the harmony between people and nature on Governor Island in modern life. This harmony could be achieved through a balance between human activities and the natural environment. The hologram and miniature furniture symbolize this balance, emphasizing the importance of preserving nature for future generations.

Katherine Shen

Decomposition I am creating an installation where plants, mushrooms, or flower cubes made of a gel are hung from the ceilings. A projector will be used to project visual effects created in TouchDesigner onto these objects, with the goal of giving viewers the impression that the plants, mushrooms, and flowers are decomposing as the visual effects progress.

Flora Sun

Nullity Nullity explores the seemingly empty space of rooms that have been abandoned. I stress the existence of the ghost of matter, which is the light particles and dust particles that exist in this empty space.

Dylan Teaford

Nullity  Evergreen is a sculpture that uses weight and malfunction to represent nothingness. The work uses multimedia electronics and sculpture to convey this stasis through objects of overwhelming possibility and vessels of transmission too overloaded to function. The peculiar objects recognize and highlight that nothingness is not a state of being, rather it is a way of labeling perceived malfunction.

Organized by Amelia Marzec.